Some Important Things to do Following a Car Accident

The well-versed car accident attorneys from our Bucks County, PA, law firm want to make sure all PA drivers are aware of what to do following a car accident.

Slip and Fall Victim? Get Representation You Deserve

As personal injury attorneys serving clients in Montgomery County, PA, the team from Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC wants to make sure slip and fall victims know their rights and are properly protected. Learn more about slip and fall injuries in the falling video.

When Should You Call an Auto Accident Attorney?

Although not all auto accidents require professional legal help, there are accidents where a skilled and experienced attorney may be necessary. In the video below, we’ll give a few examples of auto accident scenarios in which an auto accident attorney can be of great use.

Business Dispute Lawyers You Can Trust

At Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, our award-winning team of business dispute lawyers that serve Montgomery County, PA, have the knowledge, training, and skill to stand up for clients during the fierce litigation process. To learn more about our services watch the following video.     Not only are the lawyers from Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, […]

Critical Steps to Take Following An Auto Accident

Summer is here, which means more individuals and families are hitting the road for vacation and other fun activities. It also means newly-licensed teenagers are out of school and spending more time behind the wheel. With this warmer weather comes a higher risk of an auto collision, which is why we at Kalikhman & Rayz, […]