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Criminal Law

At Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC, our attorneys possess a strong ability to create an aggressive criminal defense strategy. We listen to your case, understand what you have been accused of, and form a plan to help you get the results you seek. An arrest around Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA or New Jersey can be a distressing experience, and a conviction can have drastic effects on your life.

criminal law attorneys bucks countyYou need an experienced lawyer that has your best interests in mind, fighting against the allegations and providing you with the personal attention you deserve. We understand how serious an arrest is, and we’ll assess your case, answer your questions, and build a strong strategy. We have a vast knowledge of the legal process for all crimes and will help you get through the trying times in your life with a criminal lawyer or personal bankruptcy attorney in Bucks County, PA.

Criminal law covers many different crimes, and each requires a distinct strategy for the best defense. Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC is dedicated to helping clients that have been charged or accused of a crime. We treat each client with the utmost importance, and whether you’re facing a charge for assault, drugs, firearms, sexual offenses, or white collar crimes, you can be confident in our defense strategies.

Our practice areas from an experienced attorney include:

  • Drug Crimes
    • Possession
    • Manufacturing
    • Trafficking
  • Litigation and Crisis Management
  • Theft & Robbery
  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault (Aggravated & Simple)
  • Weapon Charges
  • IRS Violations
  • Murder/Homicide
  • Internet Crimes
  • DUI & Traffic Offenses


Criminal Defense Lawyers in Bucks County & Montgomery County, PA

We become a trusted advocate throughout the proceedings and trial, doing everything in our power to obtain the best outcome for your situation. We understand the legal system in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA, and we’re passionate about providing consistent legal solutions when you’re accused of a crime.

law-and-justiceWhether you need a criminal or DUI lawyer in Bucks County, PA, you want an attorney that is going to fight for your rights and acts proactively on your behalf. For our clients facing serious charges, we are highly regarded practitioners that provide the highest quality of representation.

Your accusation relies on quality results that minimize the charge or get the charge dropped altogether. We thoroughly investigate your situation, looking at police reports and speaking to eye witnesses to form a thorough defense. Our criminal law attorneys in Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA argue aggressively and tenaciously, knowing your freedom hangs in the balance of our representation.

Our criminal and injury attorneys in Montgomery County, PA treat every client with the same dedication and commitment. Contact Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC for a free consultation and help defend your freedom with a devoted representation.


Lawrence Kalikhman is a excellent lawyer and he help me to get the settlements that I deserve with my personal injury . I would recommend Lawrence Kalikhman .


I am truly amazed at the way Mr. Kalikhman handled my case he treated it as if it were his own case . I mean it was to the point we were on first name basis and I even had his personal number where I was able to contact him after work hours , and his own assistant Angela is the best She would return my calls every time she said she would I even got a call on a Sunday informing me about my case I would recommend Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC to anyone , again I thank you , Lawrence and your team for your diligent and ethical work great job.


This is my first experience hiring an attorney. Have to say: got lucky. Mr. Kalikhman was more then helpful! He was professional at the same time friendly. He did the job for me the way I really appreciated. I highly recommend, if you need an attorney, call Lawrence, you’ll get the help you need.


I was so scared when I was in an accident! The entire team from Teya, Edlira and Lawrence were there for us from beginning to end. They kept me informed, updated and promptly handled EVERYTHING! The outcome has been mind blowing. This law office actually cares about you. They have become our new FAMILY LAWYER! Thank you ALL FOR EVERYTHING


Everyone complains about too many lawyers....until they need one. Eric is that ONE. Period. We are lucky to know Eric as a person and as an attorney. On both fronts, Eric has been outstanding.