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What Typically Happens If You Receive a Drug Dealing or Drug Sales Charge?

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If you or someone you know have recently received a drug dealing or drug sales charge, and are wondering what to expect, here is a brief overview:

Drug sales charges or drug dealing charges are criminal charges that you will receive for the intended or actual sale of an illegal controlled substance such as meth, heroin, cocaine, or marijuana. What typically happens if you receive a drug dealing or drug sales charge will depend on your history and where you live.

Most of the time, the charges/penalties you receive will be dependent upon the type of drug you attempted to sell, the amount sold (if any), and if you have any previous drug charges.

If you were caught with drugs but didn’t intend to sell them, you could also be charged if it is determined you have too much of an illegal substance in your possession.

What type of punishment can you expect?

The type of punishment you receive for the offense will be different depending on where you live. Next, if you were caught selling, the punishment you receive will be dependent on how much of the drug was found on you.

In most cases, if you were caught in the middle of selling/dealing the drug, you will be charged with a felony. However, if you were caught with the drugs and did not have the intention to sell, you will be charged with a misdemeanor.

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Those charged with a felony are individuals who have committed a serious crime. Felony crimes also come with jail time and fines to pay. Misdemeanors are less severe, and those usually charged have to pay fines as opposed to spending time in jail.

There is no doubt about it—the punishment you may receive for dealing/selling drugs will be severe. But, the type of punishment you receive will also reflect that amount of drugs you had on you at the time of your arrest.

What if I am caught selling drugs in a different state other than my own?

As mentioned previously, every state has its own set of drug sales laws. If you are convicted in a state besides you own, you will be subject to that state’s laws. Also, keep in mind that if you are caught selling in Washington D.C., a military base, or other federal land, you will be charged by the federal law system.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug dealing or drug sales charge, consulting with a criminal defense attorney at Kalikhman & Rayz, LLC is a must.

Being charged with selling drugs is not like getting a speeding ticket. Having a felony or misdemeanor on your record due to a drug-related crime can be more detrimental than you think.

To schedule a consultation with one of our criminal attorneys regarding your case in Montgomery County, PA, Philadelphia, or Bucks County, please call or email us today.